what is the Bro Haul?

"Bro, what if we sold mustache masks?"


It was a relatively simple idea at the time, just one friend spitballing a passing thought to another friend. We’ve all been there. But for all the great ideas shared amongst friends, how many times do you really follow through with those fleeting thoughts of fancy?

Well, this time we decided to put our money where your mouth is.

And so our flagship product “The Mustache Mask” was born. Originally conceived as a way to have some fun and maybe raise a little money for a good cause, the process quickly started to take on a life of its own. We realized that there was a massive community out there to connect with, learn from, and laugh alongside.

We set out to create a brand that inspired the best in everyone without taking ourselves too seriously. In some of the darkest times of 2020, of which there were plenty, we wanted to spread a little cheeky joy and levity in the world.

That brings us to “The Bro Haul,” a place where all are welcome to tell jokes, share incredible stories, and deck themselves out in the finest novelty apparel out there. And maybe, just maybe, the next time you’re sitting around with your friends and say something stupid like, “Bro, what if we sold mustache masks??” you go for it.

Make your own mustache mask a reality. We blindly support you.


who is the Bro Haul?



"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story." - Jonny Green (misquoting Mark Twain)

Jonny was incredibly good at being a kid, but had a hard time figuring out the whole “adulthood” thing. Oh, occasionally he can present the illusion of having grown up, but for the most part he’s floundering about hoping nobody notices he has no f***ing clue what he’s doing.

(Does that feel familiar to anyone? Like, did anyone have that “Ah HA!” moment where they ceased to be “the kids” and actually felt like “the adults”??)

He’s tried his hand at some grown up stuff like law school and cubicle life, but at the end of the day he’s more interested in collecting stories and creating mind-blowing experiences for his friends and family (his favorite job was being a professional Scareactor at Universal Orlando).

Now Jonny is pouring all his energy into making The Bro Haul a place where everyone can have a great time, share their own incredible stories, deck themselves out in sweet apparel, and maybe put a little bit of laughter into this world.

We need it now more than ever!

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“Champions rise.” - Eugene Marini (very clearly quoting a Lululemon ad he saw once)

Underneath Eugene’s ruggedly handsome exterior lies the soul of a poet. And underneath that soul lies more rugged handsomeness. He’s a talented musician, an elite athlete, a phenomenal chef, an insatiable lov-

*Dammit Jon, take this seriously*

*Bro! I’m taking this VERY seriously! But people need to know*

*Just take it down a notch*

So anyway, Eugene is a champion of the highest caliber. After working for years in the commercial real estate industry (with a small stint as one of San Diego’s most sought after nightclub bartenders during the subprime mortgage meltdown), he got his MBA at the prestigious Fordham University in New York.

Since then he’s made his glorious return to Southern California to continue to build his legacy and empire. As cofounder of The Bro Haul, Eugene is getting to flex his creative muscles alongside his physical muscles which, by the way, are incredibly impressive and-

*Okay we’re done here, Jon*

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