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Due to the “Produce on Demand” customization of our products we CANNOT offer refunds or returns if you do not like the color or design you ordered. Also, if you ordered a color or design by accident we will not offer refunds or returns. We suggest you figure out how to design better, be more careful when you are ordering annnnnd just order another one because 1. Just because you do not like it does not mean someone else won’t, my point being is give that item away as a gift (Bro, people love gifts!) and 2. You are helping out a charity!  

This is what we call a “Hard and fast rule”, however for every rule there is an exception! That exception is if there is a defect in the print or stitching then we will work with you! If there is an issue take pictures of the item and email goforgeno@thebrohaul.com with a note indicating what happened. From the picture, we will determine if it was indeed a manufacturer's defect orrrrr if you decided to be a knuckle dragger and are treating the mask like it is indestructible. Because let me tell you, it is not. It will tear and break if you act like it is military-grade Kevlar so no need to test that theory!

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